Mike was referred to me by my Realtor. I was paying cash on a home and with the market being in the dumps I wanted to make sure that I was paying a fair price for the property. Although my Realtor provided me with comparable sales in the neighborhood.  I wanted a third party opinion.

Scottsdale Buyer

We communicated both by phone and email. Mike was prompt, efficient and easy to work with. He was on time to the appointment and explained what information I would be receiving in detail. I needed the report completed quickly and he made the deadline without any problems. The report was comprehensive and included photos. The price was $100-150 less than other appraisal companies I looked at and he allowed me to pay through Paypal. The experience was 100% positive and I recommend Compass Appraisal without hesitation. P

Mesa Homeowner

Mike McDonald of Compass Appraisals truly knows his markets!  He did an appraisal for a client of mine who was interested in finding out how much their property was worth prior to putting it on the market.  After they got through with the initial shock of what the appraisal came in at  (of course a man's home is always his castle mind you), they decided to have an appraisal by another company.  This other company came in $50,000 higher than Mike's appraisal.  I knew that this price was no where near correct as I had done my own current market analysis prior to referring my client to Mike.  We eventually sold the property for almost exactly what Mike had given them for a figure.  I think it was about $1,000 off.  Oh and by the way, I was only $8,000 off (lol!).  
The seller soon learned that even though Mike's appraisal wasn't what they hoped for, he came in with a realistic price for the market value which is very important in these stressful times dealing with the current real estate market. My clients thought Mike was very professional, friendly and had a very nice demeanor about himself.
Thanks so much Mike!

Scottsdale/Fountain Hills Realtor

I was looking to buy second home in Fountain Hills with cash and I wanted to make sure I wasn't overpaying.  I was referred to Compass Appraisal Services from my Realtor Patti Irwin.  Mike McDonald was quick to return my call and we got an appointment scheduled within a couple of days.  Mike showed up right on time, was professional and answered all my questions.  I received the report within a few days, as promised.

Fountain Hills Buyer